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Choice Savings & Investments is our flagship solution offering that provides a complete business and software processing platform, dramatically enhancing the design, flexibility, time-to-market, sale and management capabilities of deposit and investment products.

Reduce Time & Cost to Market

Decrease the time-to-market of innovative, new deposit product offerings using either our Enterprise or Multi-Depository Platform solutions.

Improved customer experience

Use of interactive frontline sales tools for a correct (and compliant) understanding of new deposit offerings.

Dynamic Personalization

Offer products that can be dynamically personalized by your customers at the point of sale without any incremental operational overhead.

End-to-end automation

Complete end-to-end automation of all processes with rapid and seamless integration for existing systems and distribution channels.

The Multi-Depository Platform Solution

As Choice has grown as a solutions provider to financial institutions, working with and discussing ideas with many different banks and credit unions, we have frequently come across a situation where the depository management expresses a desire to offer new solutions to their clients and members with the types of accounts we process but have concerns about their own internal expertise to support them.

The Choice team fully understands the enormous frustration that these institutions feel, and that is why we went back to the drawing board to see if there was a way we could resolve their issues.

The result of a thorough analysis of concepts and reimagining how Choice accounts could be offered to our depository clients was the development of the Multi-Depository Platform.

Retain full control and ownership of your clients

You retain full control and ownership of your clients, and your deposits – after all, they’re your most valuable asset – and we provide you with a catalogue of product ideas for both innovative Traditional as well as Market-Linked CDs (MLCDs) to choose from.

Focus on your business and your clients

Together with our market-leading partners, we manage all of the product offering preparation, automated processing and infrastructure servicing that you need.

Control your desired funding cost

As a member of the Multi-Depository Platform, each bank and credit union decides and controls their own, individual desired funding cost and the preferred product offering to make available to their sales channels.

Leverage your franchise

As a bank or credit union you immediately benefit by being able to leverage your franchise and issue your own branded Flexible Traditional and Market-Linked CDs, with no incremental risk or exposure.

Extremely rapid integration

Extremely rapid and seamless integration and launch by taking away all of the complexity associated with a traditional product launch.

About Us

The CHOICE team is comprised of individuals who come from backgrounds in technology, capital markets, retail banking and wealth management. Collectively, we identified that the majority of consumers were being offered commoditized off-the-shelf products and almost never the solutions that they desired and needed.

Our purpose, from the outset, has been to develop a technology that would allow financial institutions to efficiently and economically offer savings solutions to the mass market in a way that was traditionally reserved for only the Private Banking segment.

Additionally, the CHOICE solution is designed to allow financial institutions to break away from the restrictions of traditional systems by redefining the concept of a product. With CHOICE you can define any offering that can be expressed as a cash flow and series of events… without programming any new code.

Meet the Team

The CHOICE team is made up of highly experienced professionals from financial and technology backgrounds and they are committed to helping financial institutions maximize their opportunities in the Savings and Investments space. The following are just a small selection of the key staff involved in CHOICE:


Daniel Smith Linkedin

CEO. Daniel brings more than 25 years of experience working in senior management roles with major financial entities (Santander, Chase, JP Morgan, Manufacturers Hanover Trust), as well as leading FinTech companies, with responsibility for leading complex IT infrastructures and teams across multiple geographies as well as new business innovation.


Emilio Fernández Linkedin

CTO. Emilio is an expert in application development in the financial services sector, Emilio leads the development and implementation teams for the CHOICE solutions, having successfully executed multiple ground-breaking projects in leading financial organizations and consultancy firms both in the US and Europe.


Iñigo San Martin Linkedin

COO. Inigo is a hugely talented product innovator with a strong background in treasury and risk management. Inigo leads the team’s solution offering innovation and works closely with clients on all operational, accounting, treasury and risk management considerations to ensure our clients maximize the benefits of working with the unique capabilities of the CHOICE solution. Inigo is additionally both FRM qualified and a CFA charter holder.


Gonzalo Reviriego Linkedin

Director Support. Gonzalo is our point man for all customer support where the CHOICE team has built a huge reputation for excellence. The combination of in-depth technical knowledge and experience, attention to detail and a strong background in data analytics and compliance allows him to bring significant value to the table for our clients.

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